Father Pfeiffer’s visit to Australia


I want to give you an update in regard to Father Pfeiffer’s visit to Australia. There will be a full report as soon as possible. Father Pfeiffer’s visit has been a huge success.

He has visited six communities:

Streaky Bay and Adelaide in South Australia

Sydney and Canberra/Goulburn in New South Wales,

Melbourne, Victoria

Brisbane, Queensland

All of you know the powerful way that Father speaks and with such conviction. His clear message is very refreshing after the way that other visiting priests dance around the truth and how they attack the true Resistance priests. These priests have driven many laity our way with their falsehoods.

This is not about who has the biggest following but it is interesting to note that throughout Australia attendance numbers were well above what was expected. It is clear Our Lady has had her hand in the way this movement has grown from nothing to this in the last eight months. Even at the last minute before Father’s trip there were answers to prayers that that gave a big boost to attendance numbers and the good fruits that came from Father’s sermons and conferences.


Luke Ross


Report of Father Pfeiffer's recent visit to Australia.

In December 2015 in Victoria, the Australian resistance movement was renamed Our Lady of the Southern Cross : See Mission Statement. This became necessary due to the gradual compromising of doctrine being taught us by the then visiting priests of the resistance movement. Over a few months OLOSC has grown from being one community in Melbourne to become an Australia-wide movement comprised of six communities throughout the country. Our Mission Statement announces that we make as our own Archbishop Lefebvre's clear affirmation of the Church's perennial doctrine as taught by Our Lord Jesus Christ and handed down through the centuries to our own time.

Refusing any compromise in doctrine, we sadly refused to allow former priests to serve us. Such priests are now content to belong to the loose federation of priests under Bishop Williamson. Having no structure whatsoever - the loose federation is comprised of priests who have not declared their doctrinal positions, with the result that they have formed groups, each extolling its own personal interpretation of what the Church teaches. This is a self-evident abomination that our members refuse to accept.

Regretfully, Bishop Williamson himself is sanctioning attendance at the New Mass and promoting the condemned writings of Maria Valtorta 'Divine Dictations to Maria Valtorta' here and here.

Re-visiting books and chasing up teachings of Archbishop Lefevre we found ourselves in tune with the teachings of the SSPX-MC who have a seminary in Boston, Kentucky. We remembered fondly that Father Pfeiffer had visited us several years ago. The reader can see that it took us from January 2015 to sort ourselves out up to the present time to make contact with the SSPX-MC priests and explain our plight.

In July 2016 Father Pfeiffer visited us, criss-crossing Australia visiting the other States that had been prepared for his visit by the outreach of Our Lady of the Southern Cross members.

The first to respond was a group of Catholics led by John Cash at Streaky Bay, South Australia. Brisbane in Queensland was next, then Sydney in New South Wales. The latter was a smaller group but have grown since Father Pfeiffer's visit, followed by Goulburn NSW. Canberra was a small group that has grown enormously leaving a group of two members with the loose federation priests. Adelaide in South Australia has a strong group of Catholics. In Adelaide the group of 22 plus are just starting to see the overall picture.

Since our inauguration, our Newsletters have been mailed to communities outside of Australia. They have been well received in Asia, USA, UK, Ireland and parts of Africa.

This is a brief summary of how Our Lady of the Southern Cross came into being. We are small in comparison to other communities outside of our country, whom in turn, have given us much encouragement. We thank them, and place our trust in the Mother of all Graces, Mary Immaculate to guide and strengthen us in our resolve to continue the fight for the Catholic Faith that the Fathers of the Church and holy Martyrs died to preserve for our generation. May we not let them down!

JMJ, Luke Ross Cordinator