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The NSW abortion debate has been a jarring experience.
There have been some wonderful moments, with MPs championing the most vulnerable in our community: unborn children in the womb.

There have also been some terrible moments, with comments that have shocked me in their callousness. (And that’s saying something. Having worked in this field for a while, there’s not much that still shocks me).

Sadly, it's not surprising that the NSW lower house saw fit to pass the abortion liberalisation bill late last night – 59 votes for to 31 against – under the guise of “decriminalisation”.

Despite the best efforts of supporters like yourself – and the efforts of valiant pro-life MPs – the majority of NSW MPs disregarded concern over atrocious aspects like late-term abortion and rushed the bill through.

Around metro and regional NSW, some 5275 AFC supporters have sent, over the past 10 days, a combined total of 263,346 emails to their local state MP and MLCs.

In addition to this, countless phone calls have been made, support given to the rally outside Parliament House in Sydney, and more. And this on top of the efforts of many other organisations and churches who have also been campaigning hard against the bill.

So why are MPs’ hearts so hardened – not only to the plight of the unborn, but also to the clear voice of their constituents?

It’s far from the only reason, but one thing strikes me. Too often, we leave debates until “minutes to midnight”, surprised that the commanding heights have been taken and our views are effectively locked out.

It has certainly been so in the abortion debate, where the cry for “reproductive rights” has seen pro-lifers essentially declared “anti-women”. It has also meant that attempts to get meaningful amendments, trying to lessen the impact of this awful bill, were shot down in flames.

Having said that, while the bill was rushed through the lower house, we now have a narrow window of opportunity. Indeed, we have an obligation to act. We have a few weeks until the upper house considers this bill – and that’s why we must maintain our efforts.

AFC is wholeheartedly supporting a group effort to send a MASSIVE new petition to the Legislative Council.

Some petitions are of questionable effect, but a similar petition made a HUGE impact in 2017 when this issue was last debated – and we’re convinced that joining forces with our friends from other organisations is the best chance we have of stopping this terrible legislation.
We owe it to the unborn children of today and tomorrow to make the effort.

This new petition is hard copy as it will be tabled in the NSW Parliament. We need your help to send it far and wide, gaining as many signatures as possible in the short time available. Further instructions are available on the petition cover page.

You can email it to your friends, circulate it at church this weekend and next – the opportunities are many.

For those in other states and territories, please make every effort to share the petition with your NSW friends. We only have until Tuesday, 20 August, so we need every bit of help we can get!

NSW friends, here’s the link to the petition again, by CLICKING HERE.

With your help, we won’t rest until every effort has been made to stop this terrible bill.

Thank you so much for your support.

Best wishes,


Damian Wyld
Australian Family Coalition

Please print off this petition and get as many signatures as possible

The petition needs to be acted upon as soon as possible. Please return the petition
no later than Tuesday, 20 August 2019, to:

Right to Life NSW​
GPO Box 3621​
Sydney NSW 2001​
Or hand deliver completed petition pages to:​
Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney Right to Life NSW​
133 Liverpool Street or 204a/32 York Street​
Sydney NSW 2000 Sydney NSW 2000​
Please email any inquiries to:

Thank you for your efforts,

The Australian Family Coalition.



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Bill to decriminalise abortion passes NSW Lower House

By Jonathan Hair
Updated about 2 hours ago

Members of Parliament were granted a conscience vote on the bill, which aims to remove abortion from the Crimes Act and define it as a medical procedure in its own legislation.

The bill was passed just before 11.00pm with 59 in favour and 31 against.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian voted for the bill, after facing criticism for not being more vocal in her support.

Deputy Premier John Barilaro and Opposition Leader Jodi McKay also supported it.

Seven Liberal ministers voted against it, including Attorney General and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence Mark Speakman and Planning Minister Rob Stokes.

But the bill's passing is not the end of the matter as the proposed legislation still needs to pass the state's Upper House.

The bill will be considered by a Legislative Council inquiry next week and is expected to be voted on the following week.

The proposed legislation was introduced to the house by independent MP Alex Greenwich and had 15 co-sponsors, including Health Minister Brad Hazzard.

It sparked fierce protests outside Parliament, with campaigners from both sides rallying to have their voices heard.

Speaking on ABC Radio Sydney this morning, Mr Greenwich said the result had been "a long time coming".

"So many have been working so hard and so long to get us to this point," he said.

The bill has been the subject of debate in the Lower House for the past two days, as MPs gave their reasons as to why felt they could, or could not, vote for the proposed legislation.

It was amended after extensive debate which saw safeguards around informed consent and provisions on conscientious objection for doctors strengthened.

The changes would also ensure specialists perform late-term abortions and those procedures could only be done in approved public facilities.

Mr Greenwich said the amendments were passed because "some members needed additional confidence".

"There is no real substantial changes as a result of the amendment debate," he said.

Doctors would also need to consider whether the pregnant woman needs counselling.

The Australian Medical Association has slammed some of the amendments, claiming they were a "perversion" of the introduced bill, and would put women and doctors at risk.

Passionate debate
Mr Hazzard was first to speak on the proposed legislation when the debate commenced on Tuesday.

"A law that no-one has had the courage since to change. A law that put women's reproductive rights into the criminal code. A law that was enacted when this place had legislators that were all men."

Deputy Labor leader Yasmin Catley also spoke in support.

"We are the last remaining state to have these outdated and archaic laws hanging over the heads of women and medical practitioners trying to deliver health care to these women," she said.

Not all MPs supported the bill, with some raising concerns about the 22-week threshold, beyond which a woman can consult two doctors if seeking a termination.

If the bill is passed by the Upper House, it will bring New South Wales abortion laws into line with other states and territories in Australia.

A historic bill to decriminalise abortion in New South Wales has passed the State Parliament's Lower House, following​
two weeks of impassioned debate.​
Key points:
  • The bill now heads to the NSW Upper House for further debate​
  • It allows for access to an abortion in the first 22 weeks of pregnancy​
  • It includes a provision that terminations beyond that be approved by two doctors​
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One trembles to contemplate the terrible judgement of God on any member
who voted for this slaughter of unborn children.