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Dear Australian Coordinators and friends,

Please spread this information to those who would be interested to consider supporting this important project.

Yours in JMJ,
Luke Ross, Coordinator
Email: luke@houseofross.net

An excellent opportunity has presented itself! The property adjacent to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Seminary is available for purchase. It includes a large six-bedroom house and five acres of land.

Considering the current growth of the Seminary, which includes the six returning seminarians and one brother from the previous year, as well as new seminarians, this will be a wise and timely purchase.

The total purchase price is $150,000. Globally, supporters are involved in this effort and plan to purchase this property mid-December of this year 2016. Through this combined effort, the hope is to pay for this entire property in full without the need of a bank loan.

This provides us all with an ideal occasion to support these good priests, who are working tirelessly for the preservation of the Catholic Faith by forming our future priests to follow in the footsteps of Archbishop Lefebvre.

Donations will be collected and sent by an International Money Transfer from an Australian bank account directly to the Kentucky Seminary bank account. All those who donate will receive a personal thank you from Frs. Pfeiffer and Hewko. In this ‘thank you’ the amount donated will be stated.

If we combine our donations into one International Money Transfer there will be only one bank fee but if you prefer to send your own donation you are welcome but you will have to pay your own International Money Transfer fee.

In the meantime could those who are going to donate make a pledge/commitment. On receiving this pledge more information and the banking details will be emailed to you. Please contact your state coordinator or me.

May Our Dear Lord bless all of our efforts through the intercession of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. St. Pius X, pray for us.

Fathers Pfeiffer and Hewko thank you in advance for your generosity.

Luke Ross
Coordinator OLOSC


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Throughout the world faithful laity donated the $150,000 needed for Fr. Pfeiffer to purchase the 5 acre Property that includes a 2 story 7 bedroom house and 4 car garage. With the number of seminarians on the increase this building will be needed for their accommodation.

Fathers Pfeiffer & Hewko are most grateful for those who generously donated for this cause.

Scroll down to read Fr. Pfeiffer's appreciation.


Jan 26, 2017

Dear Friends in Christ!

The 5 acre Property including 2 story 7 bedroom house and 4 car garage located within the original land was successfully Purchased Jan 25, 2017, Feast of Conversion of St Paul on the anniversary of the death of Fr Urban Snyder, a Kentucky Trappist Monk from the nearby Monastery of Gethsemani (the first Trappist Monastery in USA est. 1848) .who lived with Fr Hannifin. And the Pfeiffer Family on this same Seminary property from 1970s to early 90s. Fr Urban was one of only 2 priests officially approved by Rome to be officially incardinated into SSPX (in 1972). He is one of our proofs that the SSPX was considered by Rome as a true Religious society. Fr Urban died January 25, 1995. He died of Altzhiemers and while forgetting almost all else was able to celebrate Mass until near the very end. He used to say with a twinkle in his eye many times "you'll see that one day this area of the Holy Land of Kentucky will have a part to play in the restoration of the Church."

It is most providential to be allowed to receive the property back on his death anniversary. Fr Urban belonged to SSPX from 1972 to 1976.

We are very grateful to all who contributed to the $150,000 purchase without need of Bank loan. Several different souls contacted me on last 2 days to pay the difference if. Needed etc. We only have funds enough to go from week to week in our normal expenses, and then only barely. Yet in this period the generosity of Our Holy Mother Mary inspiring many of you, got us through our usual expenses (including several thousand dollar. repairs of our aging facility) as well as this purchase money over and above.,

God bless all of you and please keep us in your prayers. Also, please remember the words with which Fr Urban Snyder used to begin each sermon that he repeated weekly not remembering that he had said the same the week before;
"Keep your eye on Heaven as the end and goal of life. There is even a place in purgatory for those who have not desired heaven enough. And if you want Heaven you must love Christ with the most perfect Heart. But only Mary can love Christ with such a heart. But no one can love Mary with a right heart except her Divine Son. Therefore, ask Mary to give you her Heart with which to love her Son and ask her Divine Son to give you His Heart with which to love His Mother and between these two hearts you will find Heaven."

Like good traditional Catholics we used to complain, "there goes forgetful Fr Urban repeating again. When is he going to say something different" He never did, , ,

In Christ,

Fr Jospeh Pfeiffer
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