Pseudo Traditionalist Ecumenism: Parts 1 - 4


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What another scourge to the Holiness of the Church. Either Christ and His Church is One; or His Church is many.

Obviously God is One: One Church, One Law, One Bible, One Cross, One Redeemer, One Faith, One Order, One Morality, One...

To be many, Jesus Christ told us who is many: "Your father is the devil; and he is many".

To flirt with "trad-ecumenism" is already an act of adultery against the Holiness of the Faith and to Christ Himself.

"Trad-ecumenism" is another human concept on the heels of Vatican II within a community environment that promotes "unity" above the Faith. This is precisely what Bishop Fellay and his n-sspx followers are doing.

So it too is no surprise that the n-sspx is cozying up to the Ecclesia Dei crowd: they think the same, they commune the same, they are the same.

Unfortunately is also full of this "Trad-ecumenism" nonsense; what is allowed is accepted.