Report : Tynong Visit of Father Ortiz


Father Ortiz came to Tynong this past weekend 23rd and 24th November. It was his third visit to us since coming to Australia. He has been tireless in his care of us. There was a conference on the Saturday which, I think, has been recorded. I hope to receive these recordings in due course as well as those taken at his previous conferences here. In the meantime I can give a brief summary, in my own words, which involved his updating us on Fr. Pinaud. He confirmed the injustice of the procedure which was a real mockery of a 'court' procedure. Father Pinaud was allowed no defence, but apart from that the so-called 'court' itself had no authority to actually be a court in the first place. Neither did Bishop Fellay have any authority to render the judgment he 'imposed'. He just took it on himself to be judge, jury and executioner. (My words again). The result we all know. Father Ortiz was almost speechless in rendering his horror that Bishop Fellay took away the priests's right to say Mass etc. 'It is not possible' he kept saying. Father elaborated on the falseness of Bishop Fellay's deception of having the jurisdiction to render such a verdict let alone hold a court procedure. He reiterated again and again that the Bishop has no more power of jurisdiction than that which is supplied to SSPX priests.

We are now looking forward to Bishop Williamson's visit next month.

Below are some photos which were taken on the Saturday. On the Sunday about fifty people turned up.