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This clip shows how fanatical jews are about 'de-whiteifying' Europe, the reporter interviewing the Hungarian Foreign minister is Emily Maitlis - a jew, the second interview is by Cathy Newman with a Polish MP. Both 'reporters' demand open borders and both are rightly told off.
But on top of that Cathy Newman denies she is jewish, and yet she posted this on her twitter account in 2012
http://archive.is/DAtx9 which I got from https://judas.watch/Cathy_Newman

Anyway this clip goes for 4mins

One thing passed my mind.... if Europe is de-Christianfied, would the Rosary be lost and forgotten?


TheRosary will never be forgotten. It is the one thing free of any control by the clergy. By this, I mean that the confused laity who keep the faith go for the Mass of all ages. We have seen, to our great sorrow and dismay, that many priests hold the laity to ransom using their sacramental power to withhold the Sacraments from a flock that refuses to co-operate with whatever that particular priest dictates. See what happened to the Melbourne faithful when a visiting priest arbitrarily cancelled a scheduled Mass when his sole authority was rejected. This is but one example of many that began when the resistance movement started and some SSPX priests refused the Sacraments to laity who became involved in it.

Many of the laity in the resistance were (and are) further punished by many priests as following Vat. II Council's directives to downgrade the specific role of priests - such as happened with the establishment of parish councils and Novus Ordo Masses where the priesthood and laity are undifferentiated. With the exception of a minority of sincere Catholics who join in the NO those faithful to the pre-Vat. II perennial teachings of the Church are caught up in this cross-fire.

We do not have to seek permission to pray the Rosary. We can pray the Rosary all day, and every day. The Rosary cannot be denied us. We turn to the Rosary as a desert traveller turns to an oasis. We will not compromise our faith. We pray that our Blessed Mother will preserve those priests who try to serve us and we know that in her Immaculate Heart she will protect us and provide us with the extra graces our souls so desperately need in these troubled times.