Thirteenth & Fourteenth Stations of the Cross : Sunday/Monday


“If men do not change their ways, Our Lady will send the world a punishment
the like of which has never been seen.”

Quote from Blessed Jacinta of Fatima.​

As Our Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Mary Are Attacked, We Cannot Remain Silent
… Tomorrow on August 15th, the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, Satanist “priest” and registered sex offender Adam Daniels is scheduled to publicly invoke Satan through a blasphemous “Black Mass” immediately followed by the bloody ritual called “The Consumption of Mary” - all performed on city property in the Civic Center in Oklahoma City.

Daniels said: “This will be held as a real black mass, altered to follow state laws. The purpose of the black mass is to de-program people from the influences of Catholicism and Christianity.”

Immediately after invoking the presence of Satan into the auditorium (and city, and country!) through his Black Mass, Daniels will then perform another blasphemous and horrendous satanic ritual called “The Consumption of Mary.”

As reported - in this evil ceremony, after covering a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary with sulfur, ash, and blood, and shouting blasphemous incantations, Daniels calls on the horrendous demon goddess Jai Kali Maa to “consume” Mary with a “reverse exorcism, casting the Holy Spirit out of” her.

The blasphemous Black Mass to include:

• Denouncing Jesus Christ
• Swearing allegiance to the devil
• Blasphemy against Christ
• And “stomping and spitting on a wafer, representing the host, the element
from Christian [Catholic] communion, he said.”​
Tell Oklahoma Leaders to Shut Down This Public Anti-Catholic Event
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