Will we ever learn?


History of the Resistance movement up to the present time

Errors of Modernism/Religious Liberty of Vatican II Council
were exposed
by Archbishop Lefebvre who founded the -
SSPX to fight for the priesthood, and for counterfeit/conciliar Rome to return to the Catholic Faith.
For several years the Society valiantly carried on until the -
neo-SSPX leadership abandoned the fight for the faith by recognising, and agreeing with the Council's new doctrines; whose leaders have betrayed their founder's reason-for-being. However, the true sons of the Archbishop continue his unrelenting/uncompromising demands for Rome to return to the Catholic Faith. They carry on as -
SSPX-MC to this day; yet there are some members who want to evolve into a 'loose federation of priests' established by Bishop Williamson resulting in priest-led groups warring against each other. Depending on how 'their priest' interprets the faith we now have a form of Catholic-Protestantism (to coin a phrase).

Attached is an extract from the current issue of the Recusant that clarifies and updates the state of the resistance movement as it now stands.

Our Lady of the Southern Cross is cromprised of a group of confused Catholics who meet regularly to pray to our Mother, Mediatrix of all Graces/Co-Redemptrix to grant us the strength to fight for the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by Our Lord and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, our King.



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